Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix Buying Tips For Gardeners

Here are some very handy tips when going to buy raised garden bed soil mix. Now it all boils down to getting to know your soil types. When you do get to know them it is very easy to have quality raised garden bed soil or for that matter any type of garden for your planting.

What is soil? This is what is in your garden. It is made up of minerals, clays, sand and decayed organic matter that is food for your plants.It is not what lives in it like worms and bugs.Soil is for all practical reasons dead and not living.

raised garden bed soil

What is dirt? This is what you get out of the kids’ clothes or sweep out of the house.

Here is a quick definition of soil types.


That’s the soil that lies before rock on a construction site. That is cleared to expose a harder surface below.


This is the plant and animal material thrown together and decomposed. It is recognised as a great fertilizer by everyone.It will continue to decompose overtime releasing valuable nutrients into the surrounding soil. This is great for your raised garden bed soil and leads to healthy plants and bountiful harvests.

Peat Moss

Peat Moss is dead sphagnum moss which contains almost no nutrients for plants.It is mainly used for making potting soil and absorbs water well.

Potting Soil

This is made up of a combination of mixtures but mostly peat moss. It is light in weight which is good for those doing raised bed gardening or planting in pots or containers. But truth be told, the composition of this mix determins it suitability for your plants but generally it is not very nutritious.If using this you have to reinforce with ferrtilizers whether planting in raised garden beds, pots or containers.

Triple Mix

Triple mix is usually a soil that contains these three ingredients in equal proportions namely 33% top soil, 33% peat moss and 33% compost. However, depending on where you purchased the soil from there is no guarantee that it contains any of the three ingredients or in the described rations.It is always good in raised beds to have the right combination of soils.

Black Garden Soil

Black soil is very good for your garden but ensure that you are actually buying nutritious black garden soil for your gardening pursuits whether raised beds or otherwise and that you are not buying something that is just black. Ask questions.Many manufacturers say that you are getting black soil for your soil mix but it really isn’t.

Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix

To wrap it all up, the term garden soil can stand for almost anything from peat moss to triple mix and it is up to the aspiring or beginner gardener to understand the differences and know what they are buying. Do your research as the internet is there and you will have a bountiful harvest once you get it right.

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