Growing Raspberries in Containers Successfully

Growing raspberries is quite simple. But first a little history. The raspberry is a member of the bramble family – Rosaceae which also includes Tayberry, Blackberry, Loganberry, Boysenberry. They fruit either in the autumn or the summer and the different types need slightly different pruning. It’s possible to have a long fruiting season with the right choice of plants – all the way from June to whenever the first frost hits.

growing raspberries

The ideal location in your garden is somewhere with slightly moist soil, or near your water butts so you can keep them amply supplied with water during the fruiting season. They can be grown in containers and aren’t that fussy about a bit of shade either.

You can easily buy canes online or from any garden center. They should be planted out when they arrive and according to any instructions that come with them. But some suggested guidelines are: soak the plants for an hour in water before planting. Prepare the soil in advance digging in well rotted compost or manure. Plant to the level of previous planting.

Plant along a support frame of posts and wires. You can plant them in pots too and many people who have been growing raspberries for awhile like the decor look they give. Mulch and water regularly and thoroughly during the growing season. The plants can last for about 10 years. Their main problem is a virus which will stunt their growth and reduce yield.

Pick fruits regularly. Don’t leave them too long between pickings else the fruit can become too soft and mushy. Freeze if you don’t want to eat them all at once. They will last a couple of days tops in the fridge if not packed deeply in a tub. They make excellent jam. Prune summer fruiting canes to the ground in Autumn. Prune Autumn fruiting in mid-winter or early spring. Apply fertlisier in the spring. Mulch well to retain water in the soil and don’t forget the watering.

Cropping time of varieties when growing raspberries

Early – late June to late July: ‘Glen Moy’ -has good resistance to greenfly,
Mid – early July to mid August: ‘Glen Ample’ – has heavy yield,
Late – mid July to September: ‘Autumn Bliss’ – an old favourite.

Other varieties will be available. Do not be afraid to try other varieties.

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