When I sit down and try to think of what raised bed gardening ideas I can give, I think back to that pieces of advice I got that were and still are helpful and useful. To me, that is what defines a gardening idea. There are many sources of gardening ideas from experienced gardeners that give you advice, to TV shows, books, magazines and the internet.

It seems that almost any raised bed gardening question can be answered with an idea from somewhere. And it often appears that there are multiple viewpoints on every gardening question so sometimes these ideas actually contradict one another.

There is a lot of research and learning to be done in raised bed gardening and to a large part no one else can do it for you. You can get tips and advice, but ultimately you will have to test it out for yourself and see if it is helpful and useful.

best raised bed gardening ideas

So the best raised bed gardening ideas for you would be: Ask questions, search for answers, but test it out for yourself. That being said, here are some of the things that I would say are good gardening ideas.

Raised Beds

Raised beds answer so many needs which is why I’m including it in my gardening ideas. Whatever form of raised bed you use, and there are many, you can count on that to make your garden easier to work and more productive. The soil in a raised bed is better because it never gets stepped on, weeds are easier to remove from a raised bed, planting and tending and harvesting are all easier with raised beds.

Soaker Hoses

I will continue with a look at soaker hoses. Soaker hoses are so much more efficient for watering your garden than sprinklers or spraying with a hose. So much less water is lost to evaporation that it really saves a lot of water and money. Your plants are healthier with a constant low level source of water soaking to soil deeply at their base. By encouraging deep root growth, you are making your plants healthier and so much more drought resistant.

Have Fun

Probably the most important gardening idea I can give you is to have fun. When gardening becomes a chore and all the fun has gone out of it then you are losing one of the greatest benefits of it and that is stress reduction. Don’t over do it and keep it fun and you and your garden will both be healthier for it. In truth, this may be the best gardening idea of all.